Lessons from Hadith.


Six Fasts in the Month of Shawwal


It is commendable to keep six fasts in the month of Shawwal. Our beloved Nabi (Sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) has said:


Whoever completes the fasts of Ramadhan then adds to them the fasts of six days in the month of Shawwal, it will carry the thawab (reward) of fasting for the whole year.” (Sahih Muslim)


This Hadith has described the great thawab (reward) of six fasts of this month. The scholars have interpreted this Hadith by saying, that according to the recognised rules of Shari‘ah, every good deed is rewarded ten times more thawab (reward) of its origin, therefore, the thawab of 30 days of Ramadhan amounts to the thawab for 300 days.

If the fasts of Ramadhan are followed by six more fasts, they carry the thawab of 60 days more, raising the aggregate thawab to 360 which is the number of days in one year according to the Islamic calendar. Therefore, every Muslim should take this opportunity of acquiring such an enormous reward from Allah ta'laa. It is more preferable to start these fasts from the 2nd of Shawwal and keep fasting up to the 7th of Shawwal. However, if they are kept in other days, it is hoped that the requirement of the above Hadith may also be fulfilled.


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