Note: Insha’Allah the April 2019 Monthly Tarbiyyah Programme Quiz shall be based on this article. (Quiz is for boys between the ages of 8 and 11 years)

Imam Shafi’ee (Rahmatullahi alayh)

Imam Shafi’ee (Rahmatullahi alayh)’s actual name is Muhammad. His Father’s name was Idris. Imam Shafi’ee (Rahmatullahi alayh) was born in 150 AH, (the same year the great Imam Abu Hanifah (Rahmatullahi alayh) passed away. Imam Shafi’ee (Rahmatullahi alayh) was born in a place called Asqalan near Baitul maqdis in Palestine.

Imam Shafi’ee (Rahmatullahi alayh) began his quest for knowledge in his childhood. At the age of 9 he had completed the hifz (memorisation) of the Glorious Qura’n. At the age of 13 he gained expertise in Arabic grammar, Arabic literature and poetry. From his childhood he began seeking knowledge of Hadeeth and fiqh from the Ulama of Makkah mukarramah. At the age of 14 Muslim bin Khalid granted him permission to issue Fatawa (Islamic verdicts).

Imam Shafi’ee (Rahmatullahi alayh) was famous for his generosityand simplicity. He had an excellent memory. It is reported that in Ramadhan he used to recite the Glorious Qura’n 60 times (meaning he would complete 2 Qur’ans daily). He used to sleep only for a short while at night.

Imam Shafi’ee (Rahmatullahi alayh) passed away in 204 AH at the age of 54. He passed away in Egypt on a Friday and was buried at the time of Asr salah. Rabi’ bin Sulaiman, one of his famous students narrates: “I saw Imam Shafi’ee (Rahmatullahi alayh) in a dream after his demise and asked him how Allah (Subhanahu wa ta’la) had treated him”? He replied that He was made to sit upon a golden chair and beautiful pearls were scattered over him.



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