Tawbah (Repentance)

As Muslims, it is our belief that angels cannot sin. Similarly, Allāh  has also protected the Prophets  from committing sin. However, Allāh  created the rest of mankind in a such a manner, that they are vulnerable and prone to sin. The Prophet  has said, "Every son  of Adam is a sinner, and the best of sinners are those who repent."(Tirmidhi)

We have all been granted the ability to refrain from sins, however, some will disobey Allāh  more than others. The more closer to Allāh  a person is, the less mistakes he will make. And the special quality of the pious servants of Allāh  is that as soon as they sin, they immediately do tawbah and repent to Allāh . Therefore, if we happen to sin we should also immediately repent and patch our relationship with Allāh .

What is Tawbah?  

Tawbah literally means "to return". When a servants commits a sin, he is treading the path of disobedience. Hence, when he repents and asks for forgiveness, he returns to the right path, the path of obedience.  

'Allāmah Nawawi  has explained the method of Tawbah:

  1. Leave the sin immediately.

  2. Have remorse and regret over what has been done.

  3. Make a firm intention not to commit the sin again.

  4. Make up for the sin wherever possible. For example, perform all the fardh salāh which have been missed.


    Benefits of Tawbah

    • The one who does tawbah, becomes the beloved of Allāh . Allāh  mentions in the Qur'aan: "Surely, Allāh  loves those who are most repenting."(2:22)

    • When a person truly repents, he becomes free and pure from all sins, just like a new born baby. The Prophet  states, "The one who repents from sins is like the one who has no sin."(Ibn Majah)

    • After doing Tawbah, if one does good actions, then inshā'allāh, his bad deeds will be transformed into good deeds. Allāh  mentions: "…except the one who repents and believes and does good actions, then Allāh  will replace the evils of such people by good deeds, and Allāh S is Most-Forgiving Very-Merciful."(25:70)

    • The more a person does tawbah and repents sincerely, the more his stamina will increase to refrain from all sins.


      The mercy of Allāh  is indeed very vast. Therefore, never become despondent from the mercy of Allāh . Never let the thought occur, that there is no use of repenting as I will most definitely falter again. This is incorrect and very dangerous, because once a person gives up, shaytān totally disconnects him from Allāh . Remember, we only have to repent once and all our sins are forgiven and all of shaytān's efforts go to waste. Shaytān has everything to lose, yet knowing this, does not give up. So why should we, when we have nothing to lose.


      Allāh  has left the doors of tawbah wide open for us until we breathe our last. Tawbah is not bound to any time, place or condition. Therefore, do not wait for Ramadhān, Hajj, 'Umrah, Jumu'ah or any other blessed moment. The most blessed moment is when one repents sincerely and mends his connection with Allāh , wherever he may be and in whatever condition he may be.


      May Allāh  save us from every disobedience and if we falter, then Allāh  enable us to repent sincerely. Ameen.





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